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Leave your friends on crowded beaches


Top 10
Reasons for owning the

Business Pleasure
**TV & Movie Productions **Used on Poker Runs
**Search and Rescue **Picnic on Secluded Beaches
**Business Photography **Breathtaking Views
**Aerial Surveying **Fly to Favorite Fishing spots
**Tender on your Yacht **Fly into your Favorite Restaurant


          In 1982 Polaris Motor of Italy was founded and soon became a leading company in the Hand-Gliding and Weight-Shift Ultralight field. In 1987, Polaris patented the "Flying Inflatable Boat" (FIB) and now more than 1100 are flying in countries around the world. (USA, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia, etc...). Toyota bought 80 FIB's, many of which are operated from tourist resorts and yachts. The Navy Seals of Singapore use FIB's for special missions. Green Peace has two FIB's and uses them for expeditions all over the world.

          The FIB's purpose is to safely take off and land on water surfaces and do it in up to 3 foot seas. The Flying Inflatable Boat is safer than flying airplanes. If your engine should stop, you just safely glide to the water which is the largest runway in the world. In fact, we sometimes shut off our motor and glide down to the water.

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